The Importance of an Eye Examination

Oranmore Optometrists provide the very best in comprehensive eye care. They carry out an eye examination that will assess your vision requirements including spectacles and contact lenses, but most importantly they determine the general health of your eyes.

Eye examinations are not just about assessing vision to determine if one requires spectacles. By examining
the eyes thoroughly optometrists can detect serious conditions at an early stage. This means that any
issues raised are more promptly managed and treated, thus reducing the risk to one’s eyesight.

Conditions that can be detected during the eye examination include;

At Oranmore Optometrists one can also avail of 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This technology takes both a digital photograph and a three dimensional cross section scan of the back of the eye. This means they can literally look beneath the surface of the retina in advanced detail. This is critical for the early detection and treatment of ocular conditions. It is a non invasive and painless scan. The optometrists highly recommend that everyone avail of an OCT scan to help safeguard their eye health. An additional fee applies to this scan but the benefits to your eyes and health are enormous.