Oranmore Optometrists Covid-19 Protocol

Last Update: May 2021

Our Promise 

At Oranmore Optometrists we are adopting all safety guidelines advice in order to minimise the risk to our clients and the public.


As you are aware the HSE protocols for Covid 19, require 2m separation distance OR less than 15 minutes at less than 2m separation. This clearly affects how an Optometrist must practice due to the nature of how we do our job. As we work in close proximity with patients we must modify our eye examination to ensure the safety of everyone. Therefore we have modified the duration of eye examinations to 15 minutes.

Due to time and social contact restrictions, the format and the duration of the eye examination will be altered. Please note that a separate visit may be necessary if further examinations are required.

We would appreciate that if you are feeling unwell, have any symptoms or have been in recent contact with any infected person, please can you postpone your appointment.  

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